Checking flights...


Medellín has two airports. All international flights and domestic flights to major cities depart from Aeropuerto Internacional José María Córdova, 35km southeast of the city near the town of Ríonegro. Buses shuttle between the city center and the airport every 15 minutes (COP$9500, one hour, 5am to 9pm). The bus stop in town is behind the Hotel Nutibara, but you can also get onboard near the Centro Commercial San Diego. A taxi will set you back COP$65,000.

The smaller Aeropuerto Olaya Herrera is in town next door to Terminal del Sur bus station. Regional domestic flights leave from here, including services to destinations in El Chocó.


Medellín has two bus terminals: Terminal del Norte, 3km north of the city center, handles buses to the north, east and southeast, including Santa Fe de Antioquia (COP$14,000, two hours), Cartagena (COP$130,000, 13 hours), Santa Marta (COP$130,000, 16 hours) and Bogotá (COP$65,000, 10 hours). It is easily reached from El Poblado by metro (alight at Caribe) or by taxi (COP$14,000).

Terminal del Sur, 4km southwest of the center, handles all traffic to the west and south, including Manizales (COP$35,000, five hours), Pereira (COP$43,000, seven hours), Armenia (COP$45,000, six hours) and Cali (COP$55,000, nine hours). From El Poblado it's a quick taxi ride (COP$6000).