Travel with Children

Medellín is one of the more child-friendly cities in Colombia, with cool public transportation, including cable cars and trams, and many kid-oriented places to visit.

Among the attractions likely to interest younger travelers are Parque Explora, with its fantastic aquarium chock-full of fabulous fish, and the Jardín Botánico, which boasts a butterfly enclosure, lakes and plenty of grass on which to run around. Outside town, Parque Arví is another good option with its easy hiking trails, ziplines and play areas.

Pavements in Medellín vary greatly. In newly redeveloped areas they tend to be wide and good, while in traditional neighborhoods they can be blocked or nonexistent, with most locals walking along the road. Note that in mountainous neighborhoods, pavements often feature a series of steps, which makes visiting these areas with a pram a challenge.

Care needs to be taken when walking in the center and other populated areas as traffic does not always stop for those on foot. Likewise crowded buses that hurtle along at full speed with open doors are best avoided.

Diaper-changing facilities can be found in more upmarket malls and museums, but they are by no means universal.