Exchange in Medellín

Giros & Finanzas

In the Centro Comercial Villanueva, this casa de cambio is the agent for Western Union. There are other branches in Poblado and both bus terminals.
Medical in Medellín

Clínica Las Vegas

This professional private medical facility is your best option if you need a doctor in a hurry. Staff speak some English.
Immigration in Medellín

Migración Colombia

For visa extensions. To get here from El Poblado take the Circular Sur bus 302/303 heading south along Av Las Vegas.
Tourist Information in Medellín

PIT Parque Arví

The Parque Arví tourism information point is next to the cable car exit.
Medical in Medellín

Clínica Medellín

Private clinic in El Poblado where the staff speak some English. There is another branch in central Medellín.
Consulate in Medellín

Panamanian Consulate

Honorary consul for Panama. Most services are run out of the embassy in Bogotá.
Medical in Medellín

Congregación Mariana

Nonprofit clinic with many specialists and low prices.
Tourist Information in Medellín

PIT Cerro Nutibara

Tourism information point next to Pueblito Paisa.
Tourist Information in Medellín

PIT Plaza Mayor

Tourist office in the Palacio de Exposiciones.
Tourist Information in Medellín

PIT Parque de Las Luces

The most central tourism information point.