El Poblado is full of restaurants covering a wide range of tastes and budgets. The Provenza area up the hill from Parque Lleras is home to many high-end options, while Manila, on El Poblado's northern edge, is a hip dining spot packed with cafes and eateries.

Southwest of the center, the Laureles neighborhood around Av Nutibara has many unpretentious eateries.

Counting Calories: Bandeja Paisa

The artery-busting bandeja paisa (paisa tray) is famed across Colombia as the most typical plate of Antioquia and the Zona Cafetera. What is harder to get consensus on is what it actually consists of. The dish has its origins among poor farmers who would eat one high-calorie meal a day to give them energy to work in the cool mountain climates. These days there are many variations of the dish served in restaurants all over the country. However, among purists, for a plate to be worthy of the name it must include white rice, red beans, ground meat, pork rinds, avocado, fried eggs, plantains, sausage, arepas (corn cakes), hogao (warm tomato chutney) and black pudding. It must also all be squeezed onto one oval-shaped plate.