There are strong thermal winds around Medellín, making it a fine paragliding spot. All the paragliding companies operate out of San Felix in Bello. Take a bus (COP$3500, 45 minutes) from the Terminal del Norte. A taxi will cost around COP$45,000.

Profiting from Pablo

Even after his death, infamous cocaine warlord Pablo Escobar Gaviria keeps on making money. When backpackers started flowing back into Medellín – something only made possible by the fall of the Medellín Cartel boss – a couple of young local entrepreneurs sensed an opportunity. They began running Escobar-themed tours, visiting the pivotal places from his bloody reign over the city: his luxurious homes and offices, the suburban house where he was shot, and his grave. More mainstream tour operators soon latched on, and even members of Escobar's family have begun running tours where you can discuss the capo's (boss's) favorite things with his brother.

Needless to say, plenty of Colombians are unimpressed with what they see as the glorification of a bloodthirsty terrorist who blew up planes and once paid his henchmen for every police officer they killed. Others accept that Escobar is an important historical figure and compare the tours to those dedicated to mobsters in Chicago.

Most tours last around half a day, but note that prices and quality vary widely. If you do decide to take an Escobar-themed tour, Paisa Road gets positive reviews for its informative and impartial tours. Even better, pay a visit to the Museo Casa de la Memoria in downtown Medellín to learn about just how disastrous Escobar's reign was for the city.

If you're not done with Escobar after that, you can get an idea of the sheer scale of his wealth and ambition at Hacienda Nápoles, a huge farm four hours from Medellín that he turned into a private kingdom complete with several mansions, a bullring, and exotic pets including giraffes, zebras and several hippopotamuses. When the government turned up the heat on Escobar, Hacienda Nápoles was abandoned. These days it is home to the safari-themed Hacienda Nápoles Adventure Park, and vestiges of Escobar's ownership are being removed, but you can still check out the hippos.