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Get to know Fernando Botero, one of Colombia's most famous artists, on a 3-hour art tour of Medellín. Visit the Museum of Antioquia, home of one of the world's largest collections of Botero paintings, and stroll through the streets to discover the many sculptures Botero donated to the city of Medellín. This tour is a must for art enthusiasts and amateurs alike!

Join a sightseeing tour that examines the paintings and sculptures of one of South America's most celebrated artists. First, visit the Museum of Antioquia, which houses one of the largest collections of Botero paintings in the world. Discover the unique style of Fernando Botero, whose work is known for its unusual inflation and disproportion of body parts. His exaggeration of human and animal figures is intended to inspire humor, irony and criticism. Tour through the museum with your guide and be amazed at the collection of 108 Botero paintings, as well as other pieces of work on exhibition. After visiting the museum, take to the streets of Medellín and continue your guided art tour. The city is covered with more than 90 Botero sculptures, estimated to be worth more than USD $120 million. Visit the Plaza de las Esculturas and the Parque Berrio, where Botero avidly donated a handful of sculptures on the condition that they were to be placed outside where people could see and touch them. Continue on to Parque San Antonio and see the Pájaro de Paz (Bird of Peace) sculpture that was ironically blown up by a suspected FARC bomb in 1995, killing a dozen innocent civilians. Defiantly, Botero created an identical sculpture and placed it alongside the original.