Tourist Information in Armenia

Punto de Información Turística

Outside the Gobernación del Quindío building, this tourist information kiosk has lots of information. If it's not open head inside to the regional office, where the staff are particularly helpful. There are also con…
Exchange in Medellín

Giros & Finanzas

In the Centro Comercial Villanueva, this casa de cambio is the agent for Western Union. There are other branches in Poblado and both bus terminals.
ATM in Santa Fe de Antioquia


Reliable ATM half a block from the main plaza. Has another ATM inside the internet cafe on the corner of the park.
Tourist Information in Santa Fe de Antioquia

Punto Informacíon Turística

A friendly tourism office on the park with useful information on where to stay; can also organize guides and direct you to local craftspeople.
Tourist Information in Jardín

Punto Informacíon Turística

Helpful tourist office around the corner from the church. Staff can put you in touch with guides for tours of the town and treks further out.
Tourist Information in Manizales

Caldas Tourism Office

On the ground floor of the Gobiernación de Caldas, this office provides information for attractions throughout the department of Caldas.
Exchange in Manizales

Giros y Finanzas

Located by the entrance to the Carulla supermarket, this is the local Western Union agent.
Tourist Information in Filandia

Tourism Office

Inside the Casa de Cultura on the plaza, the helpful tourist office can assist in finding accommodations and organizing tours.
Tourist Information in Guatapé

Tourism Office

The office in the alcaldía (town hall) on the main square dispenses detailed information about local attractions.
Medical in Medellín

Clínica Las Vegas

This professional private medical facility is your best option if you need a doctor in a hurry. Staff speak some English.