Top things to do

Top Choice Gardens in Leticia

Mundo Amazónico

This 29-hectare reserve works as a center for environmental education and makes for a great place to get to know something of the plants, trees and inhabitants of the jungle before you set out on an expedition. The …
Top Choice International in Leticia

El Santo Angel

With one of the most varied and interesting menus in town, Santo Angel is a rightly popular place for an evening meal. Diners spill out all over the street (try to avoid the rather sterile interior if possible), and…
Pizza in Leticia

Gael Pizzeria Gourmet

Just the muted lighting and the cute wooden tables at this roadside pizzeria tell you straightaway that it's unlike most other places in town. Gael prepares mouthwatering pizzas and calzones, as well as pasta dishes…
Amazonian in Leticia

El Cielo

Showcasing what it sees as the future of local cooking, this cool, creative space serves up casabes (mini pizzas made from yuca instead of flour) with imaginative toppings, including popular local fish pirarucú and …
Museum in Leticia

Museo Etnográfico Amazónico

This small museum located both inside and outside the dolphin-pink Biblioteca del Banco de la República building has a small collection of indigenous artifacts including musical instruments, textiles, tools, pottery…
Amazonian in Leticia

Tierras Amazónicas

At first glance, this looks like an unapologetic tourist trap with walls covered in Amazonian knickknacks and folk art pieces all over the place. Nonetheless, it's a great place for a fun dinner, and one of the few …
Colombian in Leticia

Numae Bistró

Situated almost on the Brazilian border, Numae stands out for its raised alfresco dining room with views toward the Amazon and perfectly oriented for diners to enjoy the sunset. Food is of a high standard too, with …
Cafe in Leticia

The Donut Company

This wonderful little cafe is about the only place in town to get good coffee, and what's more, it serves up delicious donuts made fresh on the premises each day. Run by an American evangelist couple, the cafe donat…
Bar in Leticia

Mossh Bar

This surprisingly modish joint facing Parque Santander has a red, white, black and chrome interior and attracts a classier crowd than most bars in town.
Museum in Leticia

Galería Arte Uirapuru

Leticia's largest craft shop sells artifacts from local indigenous groups, as well as items from a natural Amazonian pharmacy. At the back is the rather dimly lit Museo Alfonso Galindo, which could be from the pages…