Top Choice International in Leticia

El Santo Angel

This newcomer easily has the most varied and interesting menu in town; it includes wraps, nachos, salads, grills, panini, burgers and pizza. With inventive touches to the cooking and pleasant outside dining (avoid t…
Amazonian in Leticia

El Cielo

Showcasing what it sees as the future of local cooking, this cool, creative space serves up casabes (mini pizzas made from yuca instead of flour) with imaginative toppings that combine all manner of local and nation…
Seafood in Leticia

Tierras Amazónicas

At first glance, this looks like an unapologetic tourist trap with walls covered in kitschy Amazonia knickknacks and a huge metallic piranha sculpture greeting you at the entrance. Nonetheless, it's a fantastic plac…
Colombian in Leticia

Restaurante Amektiar

Another welcome new arrival to Leticia, Amektiar serves up an array of dishes, from simple but vast arepas and sandwiches to Mexican fast food and more elaborate parrilla dishes. It's throughly modern, with a nicely…
Colombian in Leticia

La Cava Tropical

This open-air restaurant is the locals' lunchtime favorite. The set meals include a soup (often a tasty sancocho), small salad, a meat dish with a side of beans or veggies, and bottomless fresh juice at a very reaso…
in Leticia

Cozinha de Fazenda

From the same folks who own Restaurante El Sabor comes this great family-run restaurant with home-cooked meals. House specialties include grilled fish with garlic, onions and yucca. The real winner here is the break…
Colombian in Leticia

Viejo Tolima

This friendly, clean and atmospheric spot is a great place to come for an excellent breakfast (yummy caldos – soups) as well as fresh fruit juices and other local bites at any other time.
in Leticia

Restaurante El Sabor

Leticia’s best budget option serves set meals, vegetarian burgers, and fruit salads, plus unlimited free fruit juice with your meal. The banana pancakes are excellent.
Bakery in Leticia

La Casa del Pan

Facing Parque Santander, this friendly spot for a basic but filling breakfast of eggs, bread and coffee is a favorite with budget travelers.
Supermarket in Leticia

Supermercado Hiper

The best-stocked supermarket in town is a good place for self-caterers and anyone hoarding snacks for a jungle trip.