With more than 25 years of experience catering to backpackers, Amazon Jungle is one of the oldest and most reliable tour companies in Leticia. Owner Antonio Cruz Pérez speaks fluent English and can arrange individually tailored tours, including trips to the two very different reserves the company runs: Zacambú and Tupana Arü Ü.

Zacambú is on the Río Yavarí in Peru, while Tupana Arü Ü is 60km upriver on the Amazon and deeper in the jungle. Both lodges are around an hour's boat ride from Leticia, though there's an extra 45-minute walk to Tupana Arü Ü from the river once you arrive at the Amazon settlement of La Libertad. A trip that includes a night or two at both reserves is optimal and surprisingly affordable at COP$330,000 per person per day, all-inclusive. Facilities are simple but include running water and mosquito nets, the food is good, guides are professional and the welcome is warm.