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Leticia Amazonas Walking Tour

We offer a unique historical and cultural walking tour in the hearth of the Colombian Amazon. Let us share with you our love and passion for our city! All of our tours are run by locals (raised in Leticia) who are eager to share their stories and experience with you.Rather than guides, we are story tellers. We go beyond showing you the sights to offer you a different perspective, always aiming to be honest and open-minded.Leticia Amazonas is a magical jungle city sourronded by rivers, communities and our neighbors Brasil and Peru. Discover the great city of Leticia Amazonas and journey though time to experience the dynamic history and rich culture through the amazing stories and surprising secrets behind the Colombian Jungle City. You will discover how Leticia Amazonas evolved from humble beginnings from rubber slavery, drug empire to become a city most often referred to today as the best place to discover and travel to the Amazonas.
3 hours
Kid Friendly

Jungle Bike Tour

Experience another way of traveling around the Amazons in the three borders region where you will have the chance to visit by biking Tabatinga (Brasil) and Santa Rosa (Peru) and many different marvelous places nearby Leticia.Visiting Leticia can turn into an exited experience if you take the risk to go further. Full day tour options can get quite the same in every agency you visit and most of them offer places where you will find masses of tourists, local people acting in certain ways they are supposed to be living in order to fulfill visitors’ expectations.If you want to live a real experience, visiting amazing natural spots, learning about fauna and flora, perfect places to enjoy quietness near Leticia, then you should plan one day to go for a biking tour with a local guided who will share with you an adventure visiting different places depending on the visitors’ interest and likes.
6 hours