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Getting There & Away

Laguna de Guatavita isn't the most convenient destination to reach by public transportation. On weekends, you're likely to find transportation to the lake from Guatavita, but it's not guaranteed. From the TransMilenio northern terminus – Portal del Norte – in northern Bogotá, buses leave every 15 minutes or so between 5:17am and 12:23pm from inside the Portal's Buses Intermuncipales platform (COP$7500, one hour) to the town of Guatavita, via Sesquilé. About 11km north of town, the bus passes the 7km uphill road to the lake – no confirmed public transportation though local coletivos (shared transport) between villages might be able to get you within 2km of the sit entrance. Ask to get out, and walk or hitch (follow the signs to the right near the Escuela Tierra Negra). Alternatively, go on to the town of Guatavita, where on Sundays colectivos head directly from the central plaza to the lake. Taxis are scarce here.

The price for a round-trip taxi from Bogotá is up for negotiation. Expect around COP$120,000 plus COP$25,000 per hour waiting as well as two tolls of COP$8100 and COP$7500, respectively; one-way in an off-peak UberX runs COP$114,000 or so. From Guatavita, a round-trip taxi with waiting costs COP$60,000.