Top Choice Beach in Punta Gallinas

Playa Taroa

This exceptional and extremely remote beach at the very northern tip of the South American continent is La Guajira's highlight, where massive sand dunes drop off dramatically into the Caribbean, forming an ethereal …
Nature Reserve in Riohacha

Santuario de Fauna y Flora Los Flamencos

This 700-ha nature preserve is 25km from Riohacha in the town of Camarones. Pink flamingos inhabit this tranquil area in great numbers: up to 10,000 in the wet season (September through to December), and bunches of …
Beach in Cabo de la Vela

Playa del Pilón

Playa del Pilón, far and away the most beautiful beach in Cabo, is a vivid orange-sand beach lapped by surprisingly cool waters and framed by low, rocky cliffs. Spectacular at any time of day, the colors are especia…
Bay in Punta Gallinas

Bahía Hondita

This gorgeous bay has several islands in the middle, to which boat trips are often made on tours. A large colony of flamingos also calls the shallow waters of this breathtaking place home, and flamingo-watching boat…
Viewpoint in Cabo de la Vela

Pilón de Azúcar

Pilón de Azúcar looms over the beach and provides the area's most picturesque viewpoint, the whole of Alta Guajira displayed before you with the Serranía del Carpintero mountain range in the distance. A statue of La…
Beach in Cabo de la Vela

Ojo de Agua

This remote-feeling and craggily beautiful crescent-shaped dark-sand beach is bound by 5m-high cliffs where iguanas rove. The beach gets its name from a small freshwater pool that was discovered here, a deeply sacre…
Lighthouse in Cabo de la Vela

El Faro

Wayuu and tourists alike head to El Faro, a small lighthouse on the edge of a rocky promontory, for postcard-perfect sunsets. The view is indeed stunning. It's a 3.5km walk from town, or you can wrangle a ride with …
Pier in Riohacha

Camellón de Riohacha

Built in 1937, this impressive wooden pier is lovely for a stroll late in the day.
Square in Riohacha

Parque José Prudencio Padilla

This large public square in the center of town has benches and some much needed shade.
Street in Riohacha


The boardwalk along the seafront and beach is a popular place for an evening stroll.