Top things to do in Islas del Rosario

Island in Islas del Rosario

Isla Grande

The most developed of the islands, Isla Grande is indeed also the biggest. There's a large lagoon perfect for swimming in the unbelievably blue waters, and several sleeping options.
National Park in Islas del Rosario

PNN Corales del Rosario y San Bernardo

This collection of 27 white-sand coral islands is usually visited on a day trip by boat from Cartagena. While many of the islands are uninhabited, several are quite developed and boast hotels and guesthouses. The mo…
Island in Islas del Rosario

Isla del Rosario

The smaller neighbor to Isla Grande has several stretches of gorgeous beach, a huge lagoon perfect for swimming, and a handful of hotels and guesthouses.
Island in Islas del Rosario

Isla de San Martín de Pajarales

This tiny island is mainly visited because it's home to an aquarium and oceanarium where you can see captive dolphins, sharks and other sea creatures.