Island in Islas de San Bernardo

Isla Múcura

Most of the tourism infrastructure if the Islas de San Bernardo is on Isla Múcura, where tours stop for three hours of free time. Here you can rent snorkeling equipment for COP$5000, kick back and have lunch and a b…
Island in Islas de San Bernardo

Isla Palma

This island has the best beach and is also the best place for snorkeling. There's also a fairly odd aquarium here where many of the day trips end.
Island in Islas de San Bernardo

Santa Cruz del Islote

This tiny place has the dubious honor of being the world's most densely populated island. Santa Cruz del Islote houses around 1000 people, mostly fisherfolk, living in a tropical aquatic shantytown measuring just 12…
Aquarium in Islas de San Bernardo


Despite its name, this is more of a rustic zoo than a water world (though there is a foggy-windowed aquarium here). You'll also find monkeys, pink flamingos, loads of birds (including many macaws) and even a buffalo…