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Aeropuerto San Luis is 7km northwest of Ipiales, on the road to Cumbal, and is accessible by taxi (around COP$15,000). Satena ( has flights to Bogotá (1¼ hours) on Tuesday and Thursday.


Ipiales has a large colorfully painted bus terminal about 1km northeast of the center. Urban buses can take you into the center of town (COP$1300), or you can grab a taxi (around COP$4000).

There are several companies running buses to Bogotá (COP$129,000, 22 hours, six daily) and Cali (COP$36,000, 11 hours, seven daily). All will drop you in Popayán (COP$27,000, 8½ hours).

There are plenty of buses, minibuses and colectivos to Pasto (COP$8000 to COP$10,000, 1½ to two hours). They all depart from the bus terminal. Sit on the right for better views.

Border Crossings

Getting to the border Frequent shared taxis (COP$3000, 15 minutes) travel the 2.5km from Ipiales to Rumichaca from around 5am to 8pm, leaving from the bus terminal and the market area near the corner of Calle 14 and Carrera 8. A private taxi is COP$10,000.

At the border Passport formalities are processed at the border in Rumichaca, situated 3km southwest of Ipiales and 8km east of Tulcán in Ecuador. The border is always open and the procedure is relatively straightforward. However, due to the current humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, and Venezuelan refugees fleeing to Ecuador, it may take 15 minutes to leave Colombia but five hours or so to enter Ecuador.

Moving on After crossing the border on foot, take another colectivo to Tulcán (COP$2000, 6km). Colombian and Ecuadorean currency is accepted. From Tulcán's Terminal Terrestre, long-distance buses run to numerous Ecuadorian destinations.