Top things to do

River in Guadalupe

Las Gachas

Santander's answer to Caño Cristales, Las Gachas is a clear, shallow stream that emerges from a spring in lush countryside and runs along a red stone riverbed falling into dozens of individual-sized swimming holes –…
Waterfall in Guadalupe

Cascada Los Caballeros

The most impressive waterfall in the area, Los Caballeros is a thunderous high-volume wall of water tumbling off a spectacular 90m-high cliff in three stages. It's a one-hour drive on an unpaved road from town; the …
Waterfall in Guadalupe

Cascada La Llanera

While not the tallest or highest-volume waterfall in the area, La Llanera is worth a visit for its mystical remote setting surrounded by magnificent nature. The rock face juts out into the air, making it possible to…
Natural Pool in Guadalupe

Pozo La Gloria

A popular large swimming hole fed by a small slanted waterfall. Surrounded by lush farmland, it gets up to almost 3m deep in places and is ideal for a refreshing dip. To find it walk out of town about 1km past the g…
Colombian in Guadalupe


On a corner of the main plaza, Bonanza is the most reliable restaurant in town and serves a variety of breakfasts and filling set meals but closes early in the evening.