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Getting There & Away

All buses arrive at and depart from their respective offices (many of which are convenience stores) on the town square along Carrera 5.

Luxurious Libertadores buses to Bogotá (COP$60,000, nine hours) depart from the square at 6:30pm and 8pm daily; in Bogotá buses depart from the main terminal for El Cocuy at 6pm and 8:50pm. All Bogotá-bound buses will drop you in Tunja (COP$32,000, seven hours).

Another company servicing the Bogotá–Cocuy–Guicán route is Expreso Paz del Río (, with around five daily buses,

To Güicán (COP$3000, 30 minutes), Cootradatil buses depart at 11:30am, 4pm and 8pm.

To Bucaramanga you're usually better off going to Tunja and catching the frequent northbound buses to Buca and beyond. For Medellín you'll also need to change in Tunja.