Boat in Bahía Solano

'Profesor' Justino

A veteran captain offering trips between Bahía Solano and Panama in his small boat. He is getting on a bit now and usually takes a younger captain with him to help with the trips. He has difficulty speaking on the p…
Boat in Nuquí

Transporte Yiliana

Runs regular transport services between Nuquí and Valle/Bahía Solano in small covered boats with big engines. Sit at the back for a smoother ride.
Airport in Nuquí

Aeropuerto Reyes Murillo

Aeropuerto Reyes Murillo is serviced by Satena and charter operators with flights to Medellín and Quibdó.
Airline in Nuquí


Has at least one flight a day to Nuquí from Medellín on small planes. It's famous for its fluid schedule – don't book tight connections.
Boat in Nuquí


Runs the Valois Mar, the most regular boat service connecting Nuquí and Buenaventura.
Boat in Bahía Solano

Transportes Renacer

Runs regular boat services from Buenaventura to Bahía Solano.