Procession in Cartagena

Fiesta de Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria

On the day of Cartagena's patron saint, a solemn procession is held at the Convento de la Popa during which the faithful carry lit candles. Celebrations, the so-called Novenas, begin nine days earlier, when pilgrims…
Art in Cartagena

Hay Festival Cartagena

The Colombian version of the acclaimed literature-and-arts festival takes place in January over a four-day period, and includes invited international luminaries giving talks and readings.
Film in Cartagena

Festival Internacional de Cine

Cartagena's popular international film festival is held in March or April each year.
Fiesta in Cartagena

Concurso Nacional de Belleza

The national beauty pageant used to celebrate Cartagena's independence day on November 11, but since 2017 it's been held in March. Miss Colombia is elected as the high point. The fiesta, which includes street dancin…