Top Choice Fortress in Cartagena

Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas

This is the greatest fortress ever built by the Spaniards in any of their colonies and it still dominates an entire section of Cartagena's cityscape today. It should definitely be your first choice of fortresses to …
Top Choice Museum in Cartagena

Palacio de la Inquisición

The Palace of the Inquisition may today be one of the finest buildings in the city, but in the past it housed the notoriously grisly Inquisition, whose bloody task it was to stamp out heresy in colonial Cartagena. T…
Old Town in Cartagena

Old Town

Without doubt, Cartagena's old city is its principal attraction, particularly the inner walled town, consisting of the historical districts of El Centro and San Diego. It is a real gem of colonial architecture, pack…
Island in Islas del Rosario

Isla Grande

The largest and most developed of these islands, Isla Grande is indeed also the biggest. There's a large lagoon perfect for swimming in unbelievably blue waters and several sleeping options.
Museum in Cartagena

Convento & Iglesia de San Pedro Claver

Founded by Jesuits in the first half of the 17th century as Convento San Ignacio de Loyola, this convent's name was later changed in honor of Spanish-born monk Pedro Claver (1580–1654), who lived and died here. Call…
Church in Cartagena

Convento de la Popa

On a 150m-high hill, the highest point in Cartagena, stands this convent. The views from here are outstanding and stretch all over the city. The convent's name literally means the Convent of the Stern, after the hil…
Area in Cartagena


Getsemaní, the outer walled town, is less obviously impressive than Cartagena's old city but has some charming parts and is well worth exploring. In recent years it has been the focus of Cartagena's exploding gentri…
Museum in Cartagena

Museo de Arte Moderno

The Museum of Modern Art is a perfectly sized museum, housed in a beautifully converted part of the 17th-century former Royal Customs House. It presents rotating exhibitions from its own collection, including works …
Church in Cartagena


Work on Cartagena’s cathedral began in 1575, but in 1586, while still under construction, it was partially destroyed by the cannons of Francis Drake, and was not completed until 1612. Alterations were made between 1…
Plaza in Cartagena

Plaza de los Coches

Previously known as Plaza de la Yerba, the triangular plaza just behind Puerta del Reloj was once used as a market for enslaved people. It is lined with old balconied houses with colonial arches at ground level. The…