Club in Valledupar

La Iguana

It's a one-room box with a sound system at one end and air-con set to stun an elephant, full of friendly and very drunk locals who stand in baffled silence until the vallenato starts up. Then they whoop, holler, dri…
Club in Taganga

El Mirador

Here they are in their ragged tropi-cool finery; shaking and thumping, boozing and bumping – it's your 100% uncut backpacker disco paradiso. The rum flows, the speakers throb with mainstream pop, and the bayview dan…
Club in Taganga

El Garaje

El Garaje lost its crown as the top spot in Taganga with the arrival of El Mirador. It now serves as an after-party destination for the town's zombies who fear the dawn. The gnarled tree on the dance floor is still …
Salsa in Santa Marta

Son Tapas

Live salsa, free nibbles and an intimate, late-night vibe, this bar just off the Parque de los Novios serves a slightly older, less wild crowd than some spots in town such as La Puerta, and has a touch of midnight m…
in Santa Marta


This spot has a personality disorder: is it a dark and mysterious haunt for creative types, or a dance club? It’s too dark and too noisy, but still a good time. Good on Sunday when most of Santa Marta is cooped up.
Live Music in Valledupar

Parque Lineal

The biggest party in town is the Parque Lineal, where locals park their cars, throw open the doors ad blast salsa and vallenato from their booming sound systems. Couples dance and smooch, friends hang out and drink …
Stadium in Cartagena

Estadio Olímpico Jaime Merón León

Cartagena's local soccer team, Real Cartagena, plays games at this stadium located 5km south of the city. Games run throughout the year. Buy tickets at the stadium. A taxi here will cost around COP$12,000.
in Barranquilla

Estadio Olympico Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez

Barranquilla’s local soccer team is called Junior and they throw down at Estadio Olympico Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez, south of Centro. You can buy tickets at the gates.
in Santa Marta

Estadio Eduardo Santos