Getting There & Away

Most package tours include transportation to La Macarena Airport by charter or schedule flight from Bogotá, Medellín or Villavicencio, though it's perfectly possible to book your own transportation and arrange your tour to begin at the airport.

Easy Fly offers direct flights from Bogotá three times a week (COP$300,000) in high season (July to November). Alternatively, get yourself to Villavicencio (an easy bus ride from Bogotá) and then take one of the daily flights to La Macarena from there (COP$250,000).

Ecoturismo Sierra de La Macarena arranges daily flights from Villavicencio (COP$520,000 to COP$550,000), including rather adventurous Saturday outings in an aged 16-person DC-3.

Barely anyone tries to reach La Macarena by an overland route. However, there are several 4x4s that make the journey from San José del Guaviare several times a week (COP$80,000, seven hours). Ask around in San José del Guaviare.