Checking flights...


Aeropuerto Alfonso Bonilla Aragón is 16km northeast of the city, off the road to Palmira. Minibuses between the airport and the bus terminal run every 10 minutes until about 8pm (COP$10,000, 45 minutes), or you can take a taxi (around COP$55,000). There are direct international flights from Cali to Miami, Panama City and Lima, plus numerous daily flights to Bogotá as well as some to Cartagena, Medellín, Pasto and other domestic destinations.


Terminal de Transporte, the main bus terminal, is 2km north of the center. It's a sweaty walk in Cali's heat – take a taxi (COP$8000) instead.

Buses run regularly to Bogotá (COP$49,000 to COP$81,000, 10 to 12 hours), Medellín (COP$42,000 to COP$64,000, eight to nine hours) and Pasto (COP$45,000 to COP$85,000, seven to nine hours).

There are frequent minibuses to Popayán (COP$15,000 to COP$28,000, two to three hours), as well as regular departures to Armenia (COP$20,000 to COP$36,000, three hours), Pereira (COP$24,000 to COP$32,000, 2½ to four hours) and Manizales (COP$40,000 to COP$47,000, four to six hours).