Architectural in Cali

Hacienda El Paraíso

Escape the city for a day and head to the old sugarcane plantations to see how the Colombian elite lived in the 19th century. Hacienda El Paraíso, a lovingly restored manor house, has been converted into a muse…
Zoo in Cali

Zoológico de Cali

This large zoo is the best in the country. It has a good collection of species indigenous to Colombia, including chiguiros (capybaras), oso hormigueros (anteaters), monkeys and a mariposario (butterfly enclosure). I…
Church in Cali

Iglesia de la Merced

Begun around 1545, this is the city's oldest church. It's a lovely whitewashed building in the Spanish colonial style, with a long, narrow nave, and humble wood and stucco construction. Inside, a heavily gilded baro…
Museum in Cali

Museo Arqueológico la Merced

Housed in the former La Merced convent, Cali's oldest building, this interesting museum contains a collection of pre-Columbian pottery left behind by the major cultures from central and southern Colombia.
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If you’re into contemporary art, try Cali’s leading contemporary art gallery, ADN. There’s a small cafe and bookstore on-site.
Gallery in Cali

Museo de Arte Moderno La Tertulia

Presents exhibitions of contemporary painting, sculpture and photography. It's a 15-minute walk from the city center along the Río Cali.
Museum in Cali

Museo del Oro

One block east from Iglesia de la Merced, this museum has a small but fine collection of gold and pottery of the Calima culture.
Church in Cali

Iglesia de San Antonio

Constructed in 1747, this small church is set atop a hill, the Colina de San Antonio, west of the old center. It shelters valuable tallas quiteñas, 17th-century carved-wood statues of the saints, representing the st…
Church in Cali

Iglesia de San Francisco

This neoclassical construction dating from the 18th century is most renowned for the adjacent Torre Mudéjar, an unusual brick bell tower that is one of the best examples of Mudejar architecture in Colombia.
Monument in Cali

Cristo Rey

Resembling a scaled-down version of Río's famous monument, this towering Christ statue atop Cerro las Cristales affords panoramic views of the city. A round-trip taxi up here should cost around COP$50,000. Walking h…