Top Choice Colombian in San Agustín

Donde Richard

This grill restaurant on the road to the Parque Arqueológico serves up the best food in town, with generous portions of quality roast meats, steaks and a variety of fish dishes prepared in the open kitchen. A great …
Top Choice Fusion in Cali


You won't find better value for your peso than at this groovy fusion restaurant in a lovely colonial house. The gourmet set lunches include soup, salad, main course, fresh juice and dessert. Everything is cooked to …
Top Choice Fusion in Cali

Platillos Voladores

Cali's best fine dining experience, Platillos Voladores offers an interesting and varied menu of beautifully presented gourmet dishes combining Asian, European and local influences, served in either the outdoor gard…
Pizza in Cali


Gourmet pizzas and salads are made with the freshest ingredients at this casual, upscale option.
Mediterranean in Cali

Restaurante Carambolo

This chic bar-restaurant attracts the city's movers and shakers with its nouvelle Mediterranean cuisine, upscale Bohemian dining area, and slick bar.
Vegetarian in Cali

Restaurante Vegetariano Sol de la India

Decent vegetarian grub near the La Merced complex.
in Cali

Restaurante Vegetariano Salud Vibrante

Your best bet for a cheap veggie meal in Cali. Staff makes its own soy milk and wholemeal bread. Also sells good veggie empanadas.
in Cali

Crêpes y Waffles

What’s Cali without an afternoon sitting on the outdoor patio at Crêpes with a monster ice-cream sundae and some friends? It does excellent salads, and the salad bar is good value. Also serves sweet and savory crepe…
in Cali

Barra de Mayolo

This Spanish tapas bar has some of the best food in Granada. Tapas selection includes fried calamari, Spanish ham and chorizo, as well as sample platters big enough for groups to share. Try the paella (COP$26,500 to…
in Cali

San Antonio Pizza

At the top of the park on your left as you walk uphill, it serves pizza by the slice (COP$4400 to COP$6600) and also delivers. The menu boasts a vegetarian pizza, and other creative variations, including pesto pizza…