Cali & Southwest Colombia drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Club in Cali


If you only visit one salsa bar in Cali, make sure it's Zaperoco. Here the veteran DJ spins salsa con golpe (salsa with punch) from old vinyl while industrial fans try in vain to keep the place cool. Somewhere under…
Top Choice Coffee in Popayán

Togoima Café Ancestral

One of the best cafes in town, preparing a wide variety of hot and cold beverages using high-quality beans from around the country. There are so many combinations you'll never have to try the same drink twice.
Bar in Cali

El Rincón de Heberth

In a shopfront in a strip mall, this local institution of a salsa bar attracts a lively caleño crowd who come for the great music and laid-back vibe. Most people sit outside and drink in the fenced-in sidewalk area …
Salsa Club in Popayán

New York

On the outskirts of town, this vibrant neighborhood salsa place is as authentic as it gets. Take a seat in one of the vintage booths beneath the hundreds of old LPs, plastic toys and portaits of salsa heroes that ar…
Bar in Cali

Topa Tolondra

Popular with locals and travelers alike, this large salsa bar near Loma de la Cruz is always buzzing. The tables are pushed right up against the walls, leaving plenty of floor space to get your groove on. There's fr…
Salsa Club in Cali

Viejoteca Pardo Llada

Hosted in a lovely open-air dance hall upstairs at the senior citizens association, this is Cali's original and best viejoteca (seniors disco), where the city's old-timers dress up in their best threads and show off…
Club in Cali

Tin Tin Deo

This large, iconic, unpretentious 2nd-floor salsateca features a large dance area overseen by posters of famous salsa singers. While it sometimes feels like an expat hangout (especially on Thursdays), it's an excell…
Club in Cali

Pérgola Clandestina

Located on the top floor of a tower block in downtown, this open-air bar has DJs spinning quality crossover music, plus great cocktails made from high-quality ingredients, and even a swimming pool. It's popular with…
Cafe in Cali


This San Antonio institution does great coffee (including some odd options – lemon coffee, anyone?) and a wide range of desserts, the best of which are the gooey, sticky brownies. Some of the cocktails are so sweet …
Bar in Cali

La Colina

This is a friendly neighborhood shop-bar hybrid in San Antonio that's been around for over 70 years. Cheap beer accompanies classic salsa and bolero and it's a favorite caleño gathering spot before heading off elsew…