Top Choice Music in Cali

Festival de Música del Pacífico Petronio Álvarez

A festival of Pacific music, heavily influenced by the African rhythms brought by the many slaves that originally populated the Pacific coast. Caleños turn up en masse for nonstop dancing and copious amounts of arre…
Cultural in Pasto

Carnaval de Blancos y Negros

Pasto’s major event is held on January 5 and 6. Its origins go back to the times of Spanish rule, when slaves were allowed to celebrate on January 5 and their masters showed approval by painting their faces black. O…
Food & Drink in Popayán

Congreso Nacional Gastronómico

Top chefs from around Colombia and a guest country are invited to come and cook up a storm in the first week of September. In addition to the main program, there are also many free events around town.
Dance in Cali

Festival Mundial de Salsa

Amazing dancers from Cali and beyond take to the stage in colorful costumes during this competitive salsa event.
Religious in Popayán

Semana Santa

Popayán's Easter celebrations are world-famous, especially the nighttime processions on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Thousands of the faithful and tourists from all over come to take part in this religious cerem…
Cultural in Cali

Feria de Cali

Cali's big bash is from Christmas to New Year, with parades, music, theater, a beauty pageant and general citywide revelry.
Cultural in Cali

Calle del Arte

A street-closing festival in the center of town with music, artesanías (local crafts), theater, dance and food.