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The surrounding area is a highlight of the Upper Guajira and one of the most starkly beautiful spots in Colombia. The cape for which it's named is full of rocky cliffs above and sandy beaches below, all set against a backdrop of stunning desert ochres and aquamarines.

If you're looking for peace, Cabo is best avoided around Easter, December and January.

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La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta y La Guajira

Before starting the photo tour at the end of the year, you will participate in a brief informative safety session. Then, you'll be ready for your year-end trip of eight nights and nine days through Valledupar, Nabusimaque, Cabo de la Vela and Playa Camarones in La Guajira. Leaving Bogota by land, the first day you will go to Valledupar in the department of Cesar where you will make the ReCorridos by the Serrania del Perijá in the vicinity of the Yukpa territory; You will visit Manaure Balcón del Cesar and San José de Oriente. On the second day you will go to Pueblo Bello, then go up in 4X4 to Nabusimaque, the capital of the Arahuaco town located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. There you will realize photo tour and hiking recognition of the territory. On the third day you will take a photo tour and hiking through the different places of the Nabusimaque valley: small town, kurakatá jump and devil's house. On the fourth day, you will go to Valledupar, where you will go through the corregimientos of the north: visit to the Kankuamo Indigenous Reserve, visit to Atanques, bath in the Badillo River and tour of Juglares: visit to Patillal. On the fifth day you will go to Cabo de la Vela where you can observe the landscape and the transition from the tropical dry forest to the semi desert. You will visit Uribia, the capital Wayuu. On the sixth day you will perform ReCorridos for the sacred sites of the Wuayuu culture in the end of the sail: The Pilón de Azúcar, the Lighthouse and you will enjoy a day of beach and sea, and in the evening you will celebrate the end of the year with the whole group Traveler sharing in a bonfire on the beach and other activities. On the seventh day you will enjoy a day of beach and sea at Cabo de La Vela. On the eighth day you will go to Playa Camarones, where you will make the ReCorridos to the Sanctuary of the Flamingos. PNN Los Flamencos, you will make sightings and navigation through the swamp, in the company of fishermen. On the ninth and last day you will visit Camarones Beach, where you will go hiking: you will get to know Medicinal Plants and in the afternoon you will have a Handicraft Workshop with the Wayuu culture. Throughout the photographic journey you can enjoy incredible Colombian landscapes, taste the best regional cuisine. You will live an unparalleled experience because your photographic trip will have bus drivers, tour guides, photo guide, cooks and lodging of high quality and professionalism.

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Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas tour, 3 days and 2 nights

Day 1: Departure from Santa Marta at 4:30 am or Riohacha at 08:00 am to Uribia, considered the indigenous capital of Colombia. Finally you will reach Cabo de la Vela at 1:00 p.m. approximately where you will enjoy a delicious lunch and also a well-deserved rest at the beautiful beach of this Cabo. You will visit the most iconic places of this area such as: El Pilón de Azúcar, El Faro, La Montaña Sagrada, El Desierto de la Ahuyama and Playa Dorada where you will enjoy a refreshing bath before heading to Pilón de Azúcar where you will enjoy a unique sunset. Finally we will return to a Ranchería to have a delicious dinner and rest for our second day of adventure. Day 2:  At around 5:00 a.m. you will begin your journey towards Punta Gallinas to have breakfast there and visit the most iconic parts of the area such as El Faro (Lighthouse) which is the northernmost point of South America, el Mirador, los oasis and Taroa desert,where you could enjoy the sand dunes. You will have lunch at the Ranchería Wayúu where you will spend your second night.  Day 3:Our way back starts at 6:00 a.m. approximately, departing from Bahía Honda going directly to Uribia and do a panoramic tour in what is considered the indigenous capital of Colombia. Finally, our adventure between deserts, beaches and stunning landscapes ends.

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