Checking flights...


The Palonegro airport is on a meseta (plateau) high above the city, 20km west in Lebrija. The landing here is quite breathtaking. The airport has direct flights to Bogotá, Barranquilla, Medellín, Cali and Cartagena, and international services from Panama City.

Colectivo taxis to the airport (COP$11,000) park off Parque Santander on Carrera 20 and leave every 15 minutes between 5am and 6pm. A taxi from the city center is a fixed COP$32,000.

Coming from San Gil, get off the bus at the Papi Quiero Piña bus stop to pick up a taxi to the airport.


Bucaramanga's Terminal TB is situated southwest of the city center, midway to Girón; frequent city buses marked 'Terminal' go there from Carrera 15 (COP$2100), or take a taxi (COP$10,000).

Copetran is the big bus company here, serving most major destinations, such as Bogotá (COP$60,000 to COP$80,000, 10 hours), Cartagena (COP$80,000, 13 hours), Medellín (COP$95,000, eight hours), Santa Marta (COP$70,000, 12 hours), Pamplona (COP$30,000, four hours) and Cúcuta (COP$35,000, six hours). There's a convenient ticket office in the center of town.

Cootrasangil heads to San Gil (COP$16,000, three hours) via Parque Nacional del Chicamocha (COP$10,000, 1½ hours). It's usually quicker to pick up San Gil buses at the Papi Quiero Piña bus stop at the edge of town near Floridablanca rather than going all the way to the terminal.

Cootransunidos has hourly buses to Ocaña (COP$40,000, five hours) for onward transportation to Playa de Belén.

Buses to Girón leave from the corner of Carrera 33 and Calle 49.