Museum in Bucaramanga

Museo Casa de Bolívar

Housed in a colonial mansion where Bolívar stayed for two months in 1828, this museum displays various historic and archaeological exhibits, including weapons, documents, paintings, and mummies and artifacts of the …
Museum in Bucaramanga

Casa de la Cultura

Diagonally opposite Museo Casa de Bolívar in an historic building, this museum features a collection of paintings donated by the local artists.
Museum in Bucaramanga

Museo de Arte Moderno de Bucaramanga

This museum houses two rooms with rotating exhibits of modern paintings and sculptures.
in Bucaramanga

Jardín Botánico Eloy Valenzuela

The verdant Jardín Botánico Eloy Valenzuela has 7.5 hectares of gardens, a small pond and a Japanese tea garden. The gardens are on the banks of the Río Frío on the old road to Floridablanca, in the suburb of Bucari…
Market in Bucaramanga

Mercado Central

Buca's colorful, well-organized central market is worth a stroll, especially for its 4th-floor food court with all manner of local eats and mountain vistas to boot.
Church in Bucaramanga

Catedral de la Sagrada Familia

Facing Parque Santander is Buca's most substantial piece of religious architecture. Constructed over nearly a century (1770–1865), it's a massive, eclectic edifice with fine stained-glass windows and a ceramic cupol…
Church in Bucaramanga

Capilla de los Dolores

In Parque García Rovira, this is Bucaramanga's oldest surviving church. It was erected in stone from 1748 to 1750, but no longer operates as a church.