Top Choice Colombian in Villa de Leyva

Mercado Municipal

This chef-driven outdoor restaurant around the gardens of a 1740 colonial house has resurrected ancient techniques of cooking meats in a 1m-deep underground wood-burning barbacoa (barbecue) on its way to becoming Bo…
Vegetarian in Villa de Leyva

Restaurante Savia

The delightful Savia specializes in inventive vegetarian, vegan and organic fare and local eco-artisanal products of the same ilk. Carnivores aren't left behind, though – there's fresh seafood and poultry dishes (bu…
Bakery in Villa de Leyva

Pastelería Francesa

You can smell the sweet scent of baked goodness a block away from this authentic French bakery with croissants (oh, those almond ones!), baguettes, tarts, quiches, mini-pizzas, coffees and hot chocolate. It's great …
Sandwiches in Villa de Leyva

Entre Panes

A couple of blocks from the plaza you'll find this appealing outdoor cafe serving up some of the best sandwiches in Colombia. Take your pick from French classics or more gourmet options all served on homemade bread …
Cafe in Tunja

El Salon de Onces El Hojaldre

Break sweet bread among nuns, housewives, movers and shakers, and politicians at this classic coffee and snack stop. We simply tore right into those galletas de arequipe (milk caramel cookies).
Colombian in Villa de Leyva


This colorful restaurant/culinary school prides itself on being 100% Colombian and is indeed the best place to sample Colombian gastronomy at levels beyond sancocho (soup) and patacones (fried plantains). Being dedi…
Cafe in Tunja


Head down the narrow corridor off the plaza to emerge in this bright atrium cafe that is a popular local meeting spot. A series of long lamps hangs from the high glass ceiling, while a soft jazz soundtrack plays in …
Colombian in Villa de Leyva

Don Salvador

Dig into regional boyacense cuisine at Villa's bustling Saturday market. Look for this stall, where Don Salvador does the best mute (puffed corn soup, served with a side of cow's feet or chicken thigh) and carne asa…
Korean in Villa de Leyva

Restaurante Coreano

It's not the most imaginatively named place in town, but this Korean-run restaurant is worth a visit for authentic Asian cuisine. There are only eight dishes on the menu but they're all good, especially the homemade…
Pizza in Monguí

Pizza Cabubara

An extremely friendly family run shop that serves up surprisingly good pizza by the slice alongside lasagna and burgers. One of the few places to get a bite to eat late at night in Monguí.