Bus in Bucaramanga


Bucaramanga's mass-transit bus system has two main high-volume 'troncales' running along a north–south axis from Bucaramanga down to Piedecuesta. Of more use to travelers are the 'pre troncales,' which are shorter l…
Bus Stop in Bucaramanga

El Parque del Agua

You can pick up buses to Cúcuta here, but in peak periods you may not get the best seats and the most comfortable buses don't always pull in. When arriving from Cúcuta or Pamplona, disembark here and pick up a taxi …
Bus in Barichara

Cotrasangil Office

Buses shuttle between the Cotrasangil office on Barichara's main plaza and San Gil (COP$5000, 45 minutes) every 30 minutes from 5am to 6:45pm. There are 10 buses to Guane (COP$2300, 15 minutes) between 5:30am and 5:…
Taxi in El Cocuy


An association of vehicle owners offering transport from El Cocuy to the trailheads in the national park. If you've got the budget they'll also organize private transfers from Bogotá, Tunja or San Gil.
Bus in El Cocuy


Comfortable busetas (small buses) to Tunja and Bogotá with several daily departures. You can also hop on buses arriving from Bogotá to travel to Güicán.
Bus in El Cocuy


Inside the Hotel Casa Muñoz, this company has the most luxurious buses to Bogotá, with two evening departures.
Bus Station in San Gil

Cotrasangil Terminal

Frequent buses to Barichara (COP$5000, 45 minutes) from 6am to 6:45pm. This station also serves Guane, Charalá and Curití.
Bus Station in Bucaramanga

Terminal TB

Bucaramanga's well-ordered bus terminal is frustratingly distant from the city center but has a decent hotel.
Bus in Cúcuta


Runs regular minivan service to Ocaña, from where you can pick up connections to Colombia's Caribbean region.
Bus in Güicán


Transport to Bogotá with departures early in the morning and late afternoon in comfortable buses.