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Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Bogotá

Artesanías de Colombia

This classy shop has higher-end crafts (lots of home accessories, plus bags, toys, hammocks and some clothing), and 70% of the profits go directly back to the village artisans. It has seven sales outlets, three of t…
Mall in Bogotá

Hacienda Santa Bárbara

This mall is built around a colonial casona (a large, old house; 1847), making the place a fine combination of historic and modern architecture, and it's quieter than the Zona Rosa scene.
Arts & Crafts in Bogotá


This excellent Usaquén shop houses a limited but extremely well done selection of weekly rotating Fair Trade handicrafts from 50 artisan-driven communities around Colombia.
Market in Bogotá

Mercado de San Alejo

This city-center classic fills a parking lot with a host of yesteryear items (posters, books, knickknacks) that are fun to sift through.
Jewellery in Bogotá

Gems Metal

Dealer Oscar Baquero is one of Bogotá's most reliable emerald dealers, with nearly 40 years experience in industry. English is spoken.
Mall in Bogotá

Centro Comercial El Retiro

Zona Rosa's fanciest shopping mall, with a food court run by Andrés Carne de Res.
Clothing in Bogotá


This small coffee bar doubles as a seller of super-hip T-shirts designed by Colombian and international contest winners.
Market in Bogotá

Plaza de Mercado de Paloquemao

A real-deal, messy Colombian market. Go early on Friday or Sunday – flower days!
Mall in Bogotá

Centro Comercial Andino

Most popular Zona Rosa shopping mall.
Electronics in Bogotá

San Andresito

One of Bogotá’s biggest shopping areas is San Andresito, which spreads over several city blocks. It’s packed with a couple of thousand stalls that have almost everything that can be bought in Colombia. It is one of …