Restaurante Sardo

Italian in Bogotá
Jacqui de Klerk

The restaurant formerly known as Trattoria Nuraghe isn't as well located as its past incarnation, but its new digs are a step up in ambiance and interior design. Either way, it features absolutely excellent home-style Italian served up by real-deal Sardinians.

This place is perfect for a long and leisurely wine-fueled lunch, especially on Sundays, when it's one of the few great choices open. Real-deal Sardinian dishes such as malloreddus alla campidanese (shell-like pasta with Italian-style chorizo and pecorino), spaghettino Arselle e bottarga (pasta with clams, garlic, parsley and bottarga) and ravioli di maialetto (pork roast ravioli) are the way to go. It's hidden away inside a shopping court that from the outside appears to be little more than an OMA coffee shop.