Italian in Bogotá

Trattoria Nuraghe

Absolutely excellent homestyle Italian served up by a friendly Sardinian family in a narrow and intimate space. This place is perfect for a long and leisurely wine-fueled lunch, especially on Sundays, when it's one …
Tapas in Bogotá

La Tapería

To the delight of nearly everyone in the know, delectable tapas such as cherry tomatoes wrapped in blue cheese and bacon with a balsamic reduction (our fave!) are churned out under the guidance of a Dutch music fien…
Italian in Bogotá

Di Lucca

Locals unanimously gush over this smart trattoria and its soothing prices. Pizza, pasta and risottos rule. Solo travelers could do much worse than bellying up to the hardwood bar and ordering a perfectly executed of…
Mediterranean in Bogotá

Candela Café

This exclusive lunch café is a major hit with the local suit-and-tie set. Try an excellent Mediterranean salmon, a spicy chili con carne or a tasty gratinado (cheese and chicken soup).
Felafel in Bogotá

L’ Jaim

This little bit of Israel transported to Bogotá serves great shawarma (chopped meat and veggies served with pita and hummus) plus felafel and baklava.