Accessible Travel

Calling Bogotá accessible for travelers with disabilities would be a stretch: it's not. But in recent years the government has made advances country-wide in this regard.

Cafes, restaurants, hotels and residential buildings will occasionally have an entrance ramp, but don't count on it. Midrange to top-end hotels will often have a wheelchair-accessible room, however. The TransMilenio public-transport system was designed with people with disabilities and reduced mobility in mind, so entrance ramps, preferred seating, elevators, and wider turnstiles and entrance portals are common.

Vehicles carrying people with disabilities are exempt from Bogotá's traffic-congestion-mitigating driving-rotation scheme, Pico y Placa, with regard to which days of the week they are permitted to travel within the city limits – this means they're free to drive in the city on any day.

Turismo Accesible ( is a recommended resource (in Spanish) dedicated to accessible travel in Colombia.