Salsa in Bogotá


This excellent salsa bar is inspired by the artistic life of Cuban mambo musician Israel 'Cachao' López. Crowds pile onto bar stools fashioned from congos or congregate on the breezy outdoor patio – either way, they…
Live Music in Bogotá

Latino Power

Despite this graffiti-covered disco space undergoing an unfortunate name change (from the far-superior Boogaloop), its mantra perseveres: a shelter for indie-rock kids to take in eclectic alternative DJ sets and ene…
Cafe in Bogotá

Casa de Citas

Named for an earlier incarnation – when prostitutes advertised themselves from the balcony above – the saloon-styled Citas is now an atmospheric cafe, adorned with Castro photos, that hosts live rumba, jazz or salsa…
in Bogotá

Cha Cha

Atop the old Hotel Hilton in Chapinero (with sweeping city views), the glitzy Louis XVI–meets-art-deco club brings in fairly casual locals for a mix of DJs spinning various rhythms del noche – rumba, salsa, electron…
in Bogotá


An unreal makeover of a historic theatre, this camp electronica disco has a giant flesh-to-flesh dance floor for fun-seeking bogotanos of all persuasions; all eyes equally fasten onto the red-curtain stage for wild …
Music in Bogotá

El Viejo Almacén

One of half a dozen bars/clubs on the block, the Viejo Almacén is a classic tango dive. Soft lit space with oodles of Carlos Gardel pics, a wall of 5000 dusty tango LPs, and couples taking a step or two as some of t…
Live Music in Bogotá

Gaira Café

Vallenato legend Carlos Vives' ultrafun dancehall-restaurant hosts live vallenato, cumbia and porro – or modern takes on them. Locals pack in for food and rum drinks, and dance in the tight spaces around tables to a…
Club in Bogotá

Quiebra Canto

Name-dropped first – for years now – by salsa-seekers across town, the Canto is a double-level disco a short walk from La Candelaria. Wednesday is big with expats for electronica DJs, but weekends go for live salsa.
Live Music in Bogotá

Escobar Rosas

An unsigned sad little corner building opens into one of La Candelaria’s most popular dance places – a gritty, cramped, two-level place with electronic, funk and rock music for arty youth. Carpe diem!
in Bogotá


Bogotá’s beautiful, snobby, ritzy crowd elbows its way into this new Zona Rosa three-floor club that varies its musical styles – salsa, rock, electronic, funk. Don’t be surprised to be turned away.