Live Music in Bogotá

Latino Power

Despite this graffiti-covered disco space undergoing an unfortunate name change (from the far-superior Boogaloop), its mantra perseveres: a shelter for indie-rock kids to take in eclectic alternative DJ sets and ene…
Live Music in Bogotá

Gaira Café

Vallenato legend Carlos Vives' ultrafun dancehall-restaurant hosts live vallenato, cumbia and porro – or modern takes on them. Locals pack in for food and rum drinks, and dance in the tight spaces around tables to a…
Club in Bogotá

Quiebra Canto

Name-dropped first – for years now – by salsa-seekers across town, the Canto is a double-level disco a short walk from La Candelaria. Wednesday is big with expats for electronica DJs, but weekends go for live salsa.
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Bogotá’s beautiful, snobby, ritzy crowd elbows its way into this new Zona Rosa three-floor club that varies its musical styles – salsa, rock, electronic, funk. Don’t be surprised to be turned away.
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A short taxi ride north of La Candelaria is this totally unpretentious salsa club located in a brick house, with about 20 tables and live Cuban bands on weekends.
Theatre in Bogotá

Media Torta

Live kid-oriented concerts are staged for free at noon on Sundays at a band stage above La Candelaria. Take the steps up from the end of Calle 18.
Live Music in Bogotá

El Sitio

This ultratrendy bar/restaurant off Parque 93 has a large interior and frequent rumba bands.
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Centro Colombo Americano

Often has free films.
Theater in Bogotá

Teatro Colón

La Candelaria's most famous theater – and the city's loveliest – reopened in 2014 after a six-year renovation. It hosts a repertoire of large-scale opera, concerts, ballet and plays for a dressed-up, high-end crowd.…