Bogotá Region entertainment

Tejo in Bogotá

Club de Tejo La 76

Drawing a healthy mix of locals and foreigners, this tejo club is friendly enough to welcome novices who aren't as skilled as bogotanos when it comes to being drunk in a room full of live explosives and throwing hea…
Stadium in Bogotá

Estadio El Campín

The principal soccer venue in Bogotá is the Estadio El Campín, shared home of Categoría Primera A teams Independiente Santa Fe and its big rival, Millonarios FC. Games are played on Wednesday night and Sunday aftern…
Live Music in Bogotá

Latino Power

Despite this graffiti-covered disco space undergoing an unfortunate name change (from the far-superior Boogaloop), its mantra perseveres: a shelter for indie-rock kids to take in eclectic alternative DJ sets and ene…
Club in Bogotá

Quiebra Canto

Name-dropped first – for years now – by salsa-seekers across town, the Canto is a double-level disco a short walk from La Candelaria. Wednesday is big with expats for electronica DJs, but weekends go for live salsa.…
Live Music in Bogotá

Gaira Café

Vallenato legend Carlos Vives' ultra-fun dancehall-restaurant hosts live vallenato, cumbia and porro – or modern takes on them. Locals pack in for food and rum drinks, and dance in the tight spaces around tables to …
Cinema in Bogotá

Cinema Paraíso

Small cinema complex located in the quaint neighborhood of Usaquén that shows independent and foreign-language art films.
Cinema in Bogotá


A very handily located four-screen cinema near Parque 93 focusing on avant-garde, arts-driven domestic and foreign films.
Live Music in Bogotá

Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango

This huge La Candelaria library hosts a selection of instrumental and vocal concerts each month; Wednesday events are more expensive (from COP$20,000) than other days (COP$4000 to COP$6000). It also houses Banco de …
Theater in Bogotá

Teatro la Candelaria

One of the edgiest theaters in the city center, presenting a mix of political shows (often left-leaning, sometimes covering women's-rights issues) that always know when to insert a joke to diffuse any tension.
Cultural Institute in Bogotá

Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño

This cultural institute in La Candelaria hosts many events (including dance and theater, and also some concerts). In 2008 a Goya painting was stolen during an art exhibit here.