Barranquilla restaurants

Top Choice Pizza in Barranquilla

Pizzeria the Meeting Point

With its simple stools and tables on an enclosed porch, Italian-run Meeting Point looks more fast-food joint than promising pizzeria. But don't be too quick to judge. These are hands down Barranquilla's best pies: f…
Lebanese in Barranquilla

Arabe Gourmet

This rather high-end place has the feel of a private club, and is indeed housed in a grand turn-of-the-century mansion complete with valet parking. However, the prices are exceptionally reasonable for food this fres…
Italian in Barranquilla

Montecchi e Capuleti

This Italian place gets it all right, with an interesting and varied menu (focused on its specialty, bruschetta) and daily changing specials. It's a cozy bistro-style place with a good wine cellar, and the staff are…