Barranquilla in detail

Flights & getting there


The airport is about 10km south of the center and is accessible by buses that say 'Aeropuerto' (COP$2000). Taxis cost COP$30,000. It always takes more than an hour to get there. Almost all Colombian carriers service Barranquilla, and there are multiple daily flights to Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Miami (USA) and Panama City (Panama), along with a couple of short hops to Bucaramanga and Montería.


The bus terminal is located 7km from the city center. It's not convenient: it may take up to an hour to get to the terminal by urban bus. It's much faster to go by taxi (COP$25,000, 30 minutes). From here, there are at least hourly buses to Bogotá (from COP$89,000, 18 hours), Medellín (from COP$118,000, 12 hours), Santa Marta (COP$14,000, two hours), Riohacha (COP$31,000, four hours) and Cartagena (from COP$14,000, two hours). Other services include daily buses to Tolú (COP$40,000, five hours, hourly every morning) and Mompós (COP$38,000, six hours, 7:30am).

For speedy and more convenient travel to Cartagena and Santa Marta, head to the far more central terminals of Berlinas or Marsol, both located on Calle 93 between Carreras 47 and 49C. From here, zippy shuttle buses make fast journeys with no stops to both cities, and you'll rarely wait more than 15 minutes for a departure.