Barichara has a good selection of international flavors and traditional regional dishes like cabrito (grilled baby goat) and the famous hormigas culonas. A lot of places close early in the week, especially on Tuesday when there are very limited dining options.

Barichara's Bootylicious Bugs

Of Colombia's culinary traditions, perhaps none is as peculiar as Santander's delicacy, hormigas culonas – literally, fat-bottom ants. The tradition dates back more than 500 years when indigenous Guane people cultivated and devoured ants for their supposed aphrodisiac and healing properties. The giant dark-brown-colored ants are fried or roasted and eaten whole, or ground into a powder. Containers of fried-ant snacks are sold in just about any corner shop in Santander, but especially Barichara, San Gil and Bucaramanga. They are normally in season during spring, but can now be found year-round. They taste like, well, crunchy dirt mixed with old coffee grounds. It's definitely an acquired taste – but one you must attempt to acquire.