Bahía Solano restaurants

Seafood in Bahía Solano

La Casa Negra

In a wooden house in front of the children's park a block back from the bay, this unsigned restaurant is hugely popular with locals for its tasty seafood plates and typical Colombian meat dishes. Most reliable resta…
Seafood in Bahía Solano

Restaurante Cazuela

It doesn't look like much but this tiny restaurant with a handful of plastic tables serves up a wide variety of excellent seafood dishes including ollitas en salsa (whelks in sauce) and tuna steaks. Don't expect muc…
Seafood in Bahía Solano

El Pailón Solaneño

One of Bahía's well-known older residents prepares very traditional seafood dishes in this bright new restaurant on the other side of the river. It's a little hard to find – take a moto-taxi. Doña Haydee will open i…