Notable Building in Medellín

Palacio de la Cultura Rafael Uribe Uribe

Adjacent to the Berrío metro station, this striking black-and-white Gothic Revival building designed by Belgian architect Agustín Goovaerts is one of Medellín's most interesting landmarks. Construction on the projec…
Architecture in Around Villa de Leyva

Casa Terracotta

One of Villa de Leyva's most visited buildings is not from the colonial period at all. The Gaudí-esque Casa de Barro is an artistic house made from entirely hand-worked clay fired in stages to produce one continuous…
Notable Building in Villa de Leyva

Casona La Guaca

As you stroll about, pop into the Casona La Guaca, a colonial mansion with a lovely first courtyard featuring a number of trees surrounding a fountain. The front section houses shops and there is a large patio with …
Notable Building in Pamplona

Casa de las Cajas Reales

One of Pamplona's finest colonial mansions, La Casa de las Cajas Reales is currently occupied by a college, but visitors can ask the guard for permission to look around.
Notable Building in Guatapé

Casa del Arriero

The oldest and biggest house in Guatapé is still occupied by descendants of the original owners. They usually leave their front door open so visitors can wander into the central courtyard. Take note of the ornate, p…
Notable Building in Villa de Leyva

Casa Quintero

Casa Quintero is a fully restored colonial mansion and gourmet food court just off the plaza.
Notable Building in Villa de Leyva

Casa de Juan de Castellanos

A fine restored colonial mansion just off the plaza that now contains a variety of shops.
Notable Building in Popayán

Universidad del Cauca

The central seat of this public university is in a magnificent old colonial mansion.
Notable Building in Pamplona

Casa de Mercado

This 19th-century market building is just off the main square.