Top Choice Plaza in Medellín

Plazoleta de las Esculturas

This public space in front of the Museo de Antioquia is home to 23 large bronze sculptures by renowned local artist Fernando Botero. For more Botero, check out the iconic La Gorda, in front of the Banco de la Repúbl…
Top Choice Viewpoint in Medellín

Cerro Nutibara

On top of this 80m-tall hill, 2km southwest of the city center, sits the kitschy Pueblito Paisa, a miniature version of a typical Antioquian township. Views across the city from the adjacent platform are stunning. N…
Museum in Medellín

Casa Museo Pedro Nel Gómez

Located in the house where the artist lived and worked, this interesting museum has an extensive collection of pieces by prolific local painter Pedro Nel Gómez (1899–1984), as well as occasional major exhibitions. I…
Gardens in Medellín

Jardín Botánico Joaquín Antonio Uribe

Across from the Universidad de Antioquia is the city's Jardín Botánico. Opened in 1978, the garden has 600 species of trees and plants, a lake, herbarium, auditorium and the Orquideorama where an orchid di…
Museum in Medellín

Museo de Antioquia

In the grand art deco Palacio Municipal, Colombia's second-oldest museum (Museo Nacional in Bogotá is the oldest) is also one of its finest. The collection includes pre-Columbian, colonial and modern art collections…
Gallery in Medellín

Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín

In a refurbished industrial building in Ciudad del Río, 'El MAMM' showcases changing exhibitions of contemporary art. A large new wing that is to house the permanent collection was under construction at the time of …
Museum in Medellín

Museo El Castillo

Occupying a mock-Gothic castle built in 1930 in El Poblado, the Museo El Castillo was once home to a wealthy Antioquian landowner. Inside are the family’s belongings, including furniture and artwork from around the …
Museum in Medellín

Museo Universitario

On the campus of the Universidad de Antioquia be sure to check out the Museo Universitario. It has an interesting collection of pre-Columbian pottery, as well as galleries devoted to art and the natural sciences.
Archaeological Site in Around Villa de Leyva

El Fósil

This impressive 120-million-year-old baby kronosaurus fossil is the world’s most complete specimen of this prehistoric marine reptile. The fossil is 7m long; the creature was about 12m in size but the tail did not s…
in Medellín

Palacio de la Cultura Rafael Uribe Uribe

Palacio de la Cultura Rafael Uribe Uribe, adjacent to the Berrío metro station in an ornate black-and-white building, hosts concerts and events, art expositions, conferences and workshops. Check its website for what…