Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in Around Villa de Leyva

Centro de Investigaciones Paleontológicas

Just across the main road from the famed El Fósil site, this sleek new facility combines an open-window research facility with a collection of impressive fossils, including an amazing full-body plesiosaurus (a Juras…
Top Choice Mountain in Around Villa de Leyva

Paso de Angel

This vertigo-inducing mountain path running along a ridge on the way to the Guatoque waterfall is a popular attraction in its own right. At its narrowest point, the Angel's Step, it's only around 40cm wide for about…
Monastery in Ráquira

Monasterio de La Candelaria

Set amid arid hills, 7km beyond Ráquira, the Monasterio de La Candelaria was founded in 1597 by Augustine monks and completed about 1660. A guide will show you around: through the chapel (note the 16th-century paint…
Church in Around Villa de Leyva

Convento del Santo Ecce Homo

Founded by the Dominican fathers in 1620, this convent is a large stone-and-adobe construction with a lovely courtyard. The floors are paved with stones quarried in the region, so they contain ammonites and fossils,…
Archaeological Site in Around Villa de Leyva

El Fósil

This impressive 120-million-year-old baby kronosaurus fossil is the world’s most complete specimen of this prehistoric marine reptile. The fossil is 7m long – the creature was about 12m in size but the tail did not …
Waterfall in Around Villa de Leyva

Cascada El Hayal

This impressive narrow waterfall plunges 60m out of a limestone canyon down a multicolored rock face. When there is a lot of water a shallow pool suitable for bathing forms at the base. From the base a path leads to…
Archaeological Site in Around Villa de Leyva

Estación Astronómica Muisca

The Estación Astronómica Muisca dates from the early centuries AD and was used by the Muiscas to determine the seasons. This Stonehenge-like site contains 115-odd cylindrical stone monoliths sunk vertically into the…
Waterfall in Around Villa de Leyva

Cascada Guatoque

Accessible by the nerve-racking Paso de Angel path outside the small town of Santa Sofía, this pretty 80m waterfall empties into a fine pool. Note that the final parts of the trail are very steep and are bordered by…
Architecture in Around Villa de Leyva

Casa Terracotta

One of Villa de Leyva's most visited buildings is not from the colonial period at all. The Gaudí-esque Casa de Barro is an artistic house made from entirely hand-worked clay fired in stages to produce one continuous…
Colombian in Sutamarchán

Fabrica de Longaniza & Piqueteadero Robertico

Roadside longaniza restaurant in Sutamarchán with the best sausage in town. It also sells raw sausages by the pound to go.