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Top Choice Bar in Armenia

La Fonda Floresta

Set up like a traditional Antioquian village with antiques hanging from the ceiling and party lights everywhere, this popular bar draws a mixed crowd of people, who come to sit around small tables and drink. Once su…
Italian in Armenia


For a quality Italian meal, look no further than this well-run restaurant in a converted house in the north of town. The atmosphere is casual, with seating available in the covered courtyard or on the front porch. T…
Cultural in Armenia

Desfile de Yipao

Charge your camera batteries – this is one photo op you don't want to miss. An important part of Armenia's annual birthday celebration, the Yipao is a fantastic parade in which local working jeeps are loaded down wi…
Colombian in Armenia

La Fogata

This fine restaurant is one of Armenia's most famous eateries and with good reason. It does excellent steaks and seafood as well as vuelve a la vida (COP$23,000), a fish soup rumored to be an aphrodisiac. Also has a…
Colombian in Armenia

El Solar

Just a few hundred meters from the zona rosa is this top-notch grill restaurant with funky decor. Kids’ bikes, umbrellas and empty wine bottles dangle from the ceiling, and bamboo shoots creep in from the outside. F…
Museum in Armenia

Museo del Oro Quimbaya

Check out the bling-bling of the pre-Columbian Quimbaya culture at this excellent gold museum that also houses a fine ceramics collection. It's in the Centro Cultural, 5km northeast of the center. Grab bus 8 or 12 n…
Cafe in Armenia

Café Jesús Martín

Just like the main branch in Salento, this little cafe serves up cups of outstanding locally grown coffee.
Colombian in Armenia

La Fonda Antioqueña

A block from Plaza de Bolívar is this fine paisa restaurant. It serves lovingly prepared traditional fare, including bandeja paisa and, on weekends, sancocho (soup or stew). The almuerzo ejecutivo (executive lunch; …
Club in Armenia

Motel Club

Out on the road to Pereira, Armenia's hottest club fills up with a hip young crowd that doesn't seem to be perturbed by the pricey drinks. It's an expansive place with different zones playing varied music ranging fr…
Park in Armenia

Parque de la Vida

If all the concrete is getting too much, stop by this tranquil park located in a valley in the middle of the city. It features both gardens and forested areas, as well as several small lakes and a fast-flowing strea…