Feature: Go Green in the Cirque de Cilaos

You can get a better understanding of the environment and traditional life of the Cirque de Cilaos by visiting Îlet Chicot, which can be reached by foot only. The Hoarau family aims to give you a sensitive introduction to the vie lontan (traditional life of yore). Their property is reached after an easy 10-minute walk from the D242, about 6km from Cilaos (look for the sign on the right). It features an organic garden with fruit-bearing trees, medicinal herbs and aromatic plants. Wanna go bush? Stay in one of the three ti cases (huts), which are constructed using vetiver straw. They're Spartan, but it's wonderful to be able to linger amid the beauty of the natural surroundings and enjoy the jaw-dropping views over Cilaos. The lack of electric lights makes for great stargazing.