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Top Choice Creperie in Cilaos

L'Instant Plaisirs

If you're growing weary of heavy regional dishes, this cute crêperie is a godsend. It's renowned for its gourmet crêpes andgalettes made from quality ingredients. The grey-and-white decor gives it a fresh, modern fe…
Creole in Cilaos

Chez Noë

A long-standing institution, Chez Noë is almost a rite of passage in Cilaos. It churns out invigorating Creole favourites such as sausage with lentils and gratin de chouchou (choko; a green squash-like vegetable tha…
Creole in Cilaos

Le Cottage

The all-wood surrounds boast a kind of rustic charm and the dining room overlooks the Mare à Joncs (reserve a table near the windows). In addition to a good selection of palate-pleasing Creole dishes, it serves meat…
Creole in Cilaos

Le Petit Randonneur

A favourite haunt of hungry walkers, this family-run restaurant serves up hearty local dishes such as smoked sausages and curries, as well as moderately priced plats du jour (daily specials) and crêpes, best enjoyed…
Creole in Cilaos

Le Platane

The most eclectic menu in town. Here you can wrap your mandibles around salads, pasta, meat and fish dishes as well as carris, but skip the unexceptional pizzas.
Creole in Cilaos

Les Sentiers

Come lunch and dinner, this cute case créole is alive with action. Tables spill from inside out onto a breezy terrace. Food-wise, the menu features all the Creole classics, with an emphasis on Cilaos lentils as an a…
Museum in Cilaos

Maison de la Broderie

Entirely modernised in 2014, the Maison de la Broderie is home to an association of 30 or so local women dedicated to keeping Cilaos' embroidery tradition alive. They embroider and sell children's clothes, serviette…
Museum in Cilaos

Maison des Vins du Chai de Cilaos

You can learn more about Cilaos wine at the Maison des Vins du Chai de Cilaos. A short film (in French) is followed by a wine-tasting session. Take home a bottle from about €12.
Gallery in Cilaos

Philippe Turpin's Studio

The sculptor, painter and printmaker Philippe Turpin, who etches on copper and then rolls the prints off the inky plates, has a studio that is open to the public. Turpin captures the wonder of Réunion in a fantastic…
Bakery in Cilaos

Boulangerie Dambreville

Ask a local where they go for the best macatias and croissants and they point to this delectable little bakery. It has a wide variety of cavity-inducing goodies, as well as excellent sandwiches made with baguettes (…