Cilaos in detail

Flights & getting there

Cilaos is located 112km from St-Denis by road and 37km from the nearest coastal town, St-Louis.

Buses to Cilaos bus stop depart from St-Louis. There are about 12 buses daily, and eight on Sunday (€2, 1½ hours). The last service up to Cilaos leaves St-Louis at 6.30pm (5.30pm on Sunday); while the last daily bus leaves Cilaos at 6.05pm (5.20pm on Sunday).

There are nine buses a day (four on Sunday) from Cilaos to Bras-Sec (€1.80) between 6am and 7pm. For Îlet à Cordes (€2) there are about nine buses daily (four on Sunday) from 5.50am to 7pm, with the last bus back at 6pm. The tourist office in Cilaos has timetables.

Another option is the minibus service offered by the Société Cilaosienne de Transport, which costs €50 for two people to Îlet à Cordes. The same outfit provides transport from Cilaos to Le Bloc (for the Piton des Neiges and Hell-Bourg; per two people €20) and to the trailhead for the Col du Taïbit (for Mafate; per two people €25), saving you at least an hour's walking time in each case.